Hume Hwy & Alpine Way, Vic & NSW Easter 2008

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This trip wasn't really planed as I had to head to country Victoria to see family. The BMW R1150-RT belonged to a friend who offered the keys as he thought it might be a bit more comfortable than the R1. Also the big BMW needed a long run.

This is the type of bike you can do a lot of miles each day but its a lot bigger then what I'm used too. Once you get the big thing rolling it is very easy to handle the size of it. For most of my riding life the bikes I've owned don't offer good protection from the wind. It took some time to get used to this and sometimes I felt like it would be better to have more cool air on me. The bike is built to tour and it does it well. Still love a good sports bike though!!


It was Saturday morning when I headed off down the Hume Highway and as for the weather it was raining lightly and a bit cold. The quickest way to Victoria from Sydney is the Hume Highway but from Goulburn to just past Gundagai is a bit boring. Also a lot of road works was being done to upgrade the Hume to double lanes all the way to Albury. All the road works made it a bit hard going sometimes but still got to just past Shepparton by about 5pm. After doing what I had to do I rode back to Albury and spent the night. On Sunday morning I thought I might take the scenic route home through the Snowy Mountains. I went along the Murray Valley Highway and then followed the Alpine Way which brings you out at Thredbo and onto Jindabyne. Very enjoyable to ride through the high country!!


Part of the Snowy River Scheme. This is how you make green power and this was built many years ago. So where did we go wrong.


The big Beamer sits and waits for the next part of the trip. One thing about this bike is heaps of room for all your gear.


This is the Alpine Way. The road is not the widest I've ridden. The road is like this almost all the way to Thredbo, so stay on your side of the road through all the corners. Always keep your eye out for oncoming traffic.


One of the lookouts along the Alpine Way. This shot was taken looking back down onto the narrow road that is the Alpine Way.


From the same lookout some of the spectacular scenery. This is looking out over the Kosciuszko National Park.


Still more of the spectacular scenery. Lots of good things to see as you ride though the Kosciuszko National Park.


One of the many little river streams along the way. Good to get off the bike and have a look around.


The big Beamer handled the road with ease. The thing was easy to ride and also was very good on fuel.


This is a bike that you could take on that ride around Australia. The two things that I found was it has a tall first gear and a chunky gear box.


Along the Alpine way you'll find plenty of good spots to stop and check out what's around. Some of the stops are well setup if you wish to camp for the night as well.


I found that Easter was a good time of the year to check out Kosciuszko National Park. The weather was just right for riding during the day but it still got cold at night. The next time I do this ride I think a night at Thredbo may be in order. This will give me more time to have a good look around.


The Alpine Way is a good ride on any type of bike. Please remember to stay well with in your side of the road as it's narrow. But with the spectacular scenery it makes for a great ride.

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