Great Ocean Road Victoria 1982

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The Great Ocean Road is probably one of the best rides around, it's not only a good ride a but there is some spectacular scenery. This road has been cut into the side of the mountains and on the other side you have the coastline. If you've never ridden the Great Ocean Road I strongly recommend you make time and do it, you will not be disappointed.

This was my first time on the Great Ocean Road and I just got the Kawasaki Z1000-J, so this was its first trip. The new Z1000-J handled the road quite well even with a pillion. This trip was done on a long weekend, but unfortunately I had to leave early due to work commitments. You can do this trip on a weekend as its only about 350km from Melbourne to Warrnambool but it deserves more time and you'll enjoy it more.


We left from Melbourne on a Saturday morning and in typical Melbourne style the whether it was a bit iffy. After heading out of the city and down the freeway to Geelong we continued on to Torquay. The Great Ocean Road starts at Torquay, you continue along until you get to Anglesea where the road starts to hug the coastline. The road follows the coast all the way to Apollo Bay. There always seems to be a lot of traffic on the Great Ocean Road, I suppose this has got a lot to do with the fact there is heaps to see and do. We ran into a bit of rain but was only passing showers. If you continue along the full-length of the Great Ocean Road you end up in Warrnambool. This is not a bad place to take a break and spend the night which is exactly what we ended up doing.


Saturday morning in Melbourne, packing up the bikes ready to hit the road. Pooch's Moto Guzzi LeMans Mark III is on the left and Lawrence's Kawasaki KH250 Triple is on the right.


My Bike was on the left and the one on the right was Michaels Kawasaki Z1000-H1 EFI. This was Kawasaki's first fuel injected motorbike.


The road follows the edge of the coast. One side you have ocean and on the other side you have mountains. Forgive me for the quality of the photos as they were taken some years ago.


You have to admire and respect the people that built this road. The Great Ocean Road was started in 1919 by returned soldiers of the First World War.


Saturday afternoon, time for a break and take in some of the spectacular scenery. The two Kawasaki's waitting for the other bikes to catch up.


Spectacular scenery in a bad photo. Time I did the The Great Road with my digital cameras. I have driven the Great Ocean Road, twice but on the bike it is much better.


From Apollo Bay we headed inland through the hills and in 1982 part of the road was still dirt.Just after this photo was taken it started to rain.


Another fine nights accommodation at Warrnambool. After a good day I always enjoyed sitting around, having a drink and taking it easy.

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