Oxley Highway, New South Wales 2001

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The trip down the Oxley Highway started with Carson and John'o riding up from Sydney to Brisbane just after Christmas 2001. The boys spent a night in Brisbane and the following morning we all headed off down the Pacific Highway towards the Oxley Highway.
From Brisbane we rode down the Pacific Highway to Port Macquarie and it was an extremely hot day which made it hard going. The Oxley Highway goes across the Great Dividing Range from Port Macquarie to the New England Highway just outside of Tamworth in New South Wales. The Oxley Highway is one of the many good rides that goes across the Great Dividing Range from the Pacific Highway to the New England Highway.


This trip was done just after Christmas 2001and it was an extremely hot summer, this was also the same year that New South Wales had all those horrendous bushfires. Riding with full leathers in extremely hot weather certainly makes it hard going, but if you ever had gravel rash you put up with the discomfort.

We left Brisbane at about 8 am in the morning and headed down the Pacific Highway and arrived at Port Macquarie about mid-afternoon. After turning of the Pacific Highway and heading inland via the Oxley Highway towards the Great Dividing Range. One thing I would suggest is as you make sure if you fill your bike with petrol at Wauchope as you won't find too many service stations along the way.

The first part of the Oxley Highway you ride through a couple small country towns but as you start to climb of the Great Dividing Range the road becomes a lot windier with some extremely good scenery thrown in. Thankfully as the altitude climbed the temperature dropped making it a lot more comfortable to ride. Crossing over the Great Dividing Range the Oxley Highway is quite twisty, but as you come out on the other side the road starts to open up to be big sweepers all the way to the New England Highway. It is about 220 km from the Pacific Highway to the New England Highway via the Oxley Highway. That day we continued on until Tamworth where we spent the night.

The next day we headed off to Singleton along the New England Highway to ride the Putty Road to Windsor just outside of Sydney, but it was closed due to bushfires. We ended up following the New England Highway back to join up with the Pacific Highway for run back into Sydney. This was without doubt one of the hottest days I have had to endure whilst riding, for instance as I was riding through Maitland and about 90 kph my motorcycle's temperature was running at over 100°C, it was hot damn hot!!! Thankfully later on that afternoon a cool change came through just as we were coming into Sydney and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees.

After spending about a week in Sydney it was time to head home, I left Carson's place early in the morning to ride back to Brisbane along the Pacific Highway, arriving in Brisbane at about 7 pm that day.



The Just a quick stop in Coffs Harbour for fuel and heaps of water. It was one hot day for riding. Just a quick check over my 2001 Yamaha R1.


This is John'os Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. What a beast of a bike, but John'o certainly knew how to ride it on two wheels as well as one.


Heading across the Great Dividing Range on the Oxley Highway. The big Hayabusa parked on the side of the road. Check the sign in the background, plenty of corners on this road.


Just a quick break to compare notes, & take a few photos. What a great way to spend an afternoon, carving up the Oxley highway.


The Suzuki Hayabusa, the Yamaha R1 and Carson's Suzuki GSX750R, bikes like this will certainly help you enjoy the Oxley Highway.


Late afternoon and the end of the Oxley Hwy is near. This was taken in a small town called Walcha about 50 km from the New England Hwy.

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