Oxley Highway, New South Wales 2008

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Why is it that the older we get the harder it seems to be to get away for a weekend on the bike? We have been talking about doing a trip over a weekend for the last couple of years and it took Carson to pull it all together, well done mate and about time too!!
It had been too long between getting away on the bikes. I don't own a bike just to ride to somewhere on a Sunday to drink coffee all afternoon. Getting away every now and then on a good ride with a few mates for a weekend is what it's all about. If you've never done it, try it!


It was Friday before the weekend and just had to make it through work. The trip was to start by all meeting on the old road just outside of Sydney late Friday afternoon. After riding along the old road till Mt White we headed along the F3 and continued onto the Pacific Hwy. The plan was to ride to Bulahdelah and spend the night.

The next morning after a restless night, the Hotel and the room was right next to the Pacific Hwy. Every time that a truck went by every thing in the room shook. One thing I would suggest is you make sure you book a Hotel that is not right on the main Highway. Once we were back on the road we continued up the Pacific Hwy until the turn off for the Oxley just outside of Port Macquarie.

The Oxley Highway climbs up the Great Dividing Range and the road has it all, from the long open corners to the quite twisty ones. Thankfully the road is also in good condition and not too rough but remember to read the sign as your entering the corners. A good place to stop along the Oxley is the Gingers Creek roadhouse for all your needs. After a break we continued across the New England tablelands to the New England Hwy and on to Tamworth for the night.

On Sunday morning after a much better night sleep in a good Hotel we push on to Singleton to tackle the Putty Rd. This is a good ride but be careful of some of the tight blind corners that tighten up and in some parts if you get it wrong it's going to hurt, so take care till you get to know it. The Putty ends you up in Windsor so this was about the end of a great ride and weekend. If your looking for something to do for a weekend get some mate's together and give it a try, you'll love it!!



The morning after the first night on the road. Remember to choose your Motel wisely. This one was not a good one by the way.


Looks like every body is up and packed so lets hit the road. Onto the Oxley Hwy and get into the good stuff.


Last stop before heading across the Great Dividing Range on the Oxley Highway. Fuel up the bikes before leaving the Pacific Highway.


The sign said it all. Wouldn't it be nice if all of the people on the roads did this!! We can dream, can't we?


The Oxley Hwy has it all from the tight stuff though to the open fast sweeper. With most of the Oxley having a good surface this makes it a ride to remember, enjoy it!


This is what happens to the back tyre on the Hayabusa when riding the Oxley. Some one might be up for a new rear tyre before the day is over!!


After the road opens up across the New England Tablelands we stop at Walcha. Good place for a break and a late lunch.


Other quick break before heading down off the New England Tablelands into Tamworth.


On the Sunday as we pushed on back to Sydney along the Putty Rd. The weather was a bit warmer on the Sunday.


The last stop before the end. Colo Heights Roadhouse marked the end of the weekend as we all went our different ways from here to head home.

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