Queensland 1978 - 79

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My first big trip. From Cohuna in Victoria to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Check out the great packing job on the CB-550K. This trip was done with a mate, Gary who rode a Kawasaki Z-750 twin. We decided to head up to Brisbane to catch up with my brother and his wife who had moved up to Queensland. So, you have two mates, 18 years old with no idea of what to expect. The only riding gear was the old style leather jacket, gloves and boots. No wet weather gear and as you can see, no real bike luggage here. At the end of this trip we had covered over 4200km and had ridden through three states and one Territory. Being the first trip you learnt a lot, the thing I learnt the most was I needed to buy a better bike. The Honda was gone in less than two months. This photo was taken overlooking Byron Bay in NSW heading home on the Pacific Hwy, January 1979.


06.00am on Boxing Day as I left Cohuna to meet up with Gary, better known as "Pooch" to his mate's. This was in Leitchville about 15km on the way. They say you can't plan a trip around the weather, well it started raining about an hour into the ride, hadn't even got out of Victoria yet. It kept raining on and off all day in fact in central New South Wales we even ran into some flooding across the road. The best part was neither one of us had any wet weather gear. We followed the Newell Highway up through Dubbo and on to Coonabarabran and then missed the turn off to Narrabri and ended up in Gunnedah.


We stopped in Coonabarabran for a break and just after we left one of my bags fell off the the bike, the one that had my camera in it. Thankfully the camera survived. We spent the first night in a motel at Gunnedah as it was still raining and we were wet, cold and tired. It had been a very long day.

The next day we got back on to the Newell Highway and headed up and crossed the border into Queensland at Goondwindi and continuing to Warwick along the Cunningham Highway. Just as I came into Amberley on the outskirts of Brisbane, Pooch had gone missing and after turning around I found him on the side of the road having an electrical problem with the Kawasaki Z750. After towing the Kawasaki with my Honda to a garage at Amberley, we did some minor repairs to the wiring loom and then headed into Brisbane.

We spent a few days in Brisbane and then headed up as far as Rainbow Beach near Tin Can Bay. Also checking out the Sunshine Coast and spending some time at Noosa Heads. After enjoying New Year's Eve on the Sunshine Coast we headed back to Brisbane and down to the Gold Coast.

The trip home was via the Pacific Highway all the way down to Batemans Bay. From here we headed inland to Canberra, ACT and continued on to Cooma and Jindabyne. We decided to ride through the Kosciuzko National Park along the Alpine Way past Thredbo and ending at Wodonga, Victoria and back to Cohuna.



The next morning after a big first day. Check over the bike and adjust the chain, ready for another day on the road. Gunnedah. NSW 27th Dec 1978.


The Qld border. At least the rain had stopped but the further north we go the warmer it got. Goondwindi, Queensland 27th Dec 1978.


Brisbane late on the second day. This photo was taken from the city looking back at the Story Bridge which crosses the Brisbane River.


After spending a few days in Brisbane we headed up to the Sunshine Coast. The Big Pineapple just outside Nambour, Qld Jan 1979.


Accommodation at the Nambour Hilton, not really but it is funny how you are not as fussy when you're young. Just outside of Nambour, Qld Jan 1979.


My brother and his wife who were living in Brisbane at the time, hence part of the reason for the trip to Queensland. This is a photo of my brothers Honda CB750.


First night on the coast road heading home. Heading down the Pacific Highway we decided to camp. The rain had finally eased up. Coffs Harbour, NSW Jan 1979.


Day two of the trip home, we continue down the Pacific Highway through Sydney and ended up spending another night under the stars. Batemans Bay, NSW Jan 1979.


We spent a night in Canberra. The next morning was the last day of the trip and we headed home. The skyline of Canberra, ACT Jan 1979.


A quick stop to refit our P plates to the bikes. Queensland and New South Wales didn't use P plates back in 78. This photo was taken on the Alpine Way at Thredbo, NSW Jan 1979.

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