Tasmania 1986 - 87

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If you love a good ride, one of the best destinations to head for would have to be the Apple Isle or better known as Tasmania. You know the overseas trip but without the passport. Tasmania is a beautiful State and I honestly believe that it has been purposely built for the pleasure of motorcyclists. It's not just about the roads it also offers spectacular scenery in the way of some untouched wilderness. This state also has a lot of history in the creation of this great country called Australia.
The photo on the left was taken just after riding the bike's off the Able Tasman in Devonport at about 8 am on the morning after the overnight ferry journey from Melbourne in Victoria. I was riding a Honda VF1000 and a friend by the name of Steve was riding the Kawasaki Z1300. We were loaded up with all the gear for a camping trip around Tassie.


The first part of the trip was to ride down to Melbourne as I was still living in Brisbane. Steve and I left after work a couple days before Christmas with the intention of spending Christmas in my parent's place in Cohuna in country Victoria.

Heading down the Pacific Highway and riding through the night, as the sun was coming up we had just arrived in Newcastle. We continued on to Sydney and headed for Albury along the Hume Highway crossed over into Victoria late that afternoon. After arriving in Melbourne and spending a day or two catching up with friends, we headed up to Cohuna for Christmas.



Late in the afternoon in Melbourne we broaded the Able Tasman for the overnight ferry ride to Devonport in Tasmania. After docking and riding the bike off the ferry we headed along the coast to Burnie and onto Stanley. Our first night in Tassie was spent in a camping ground just past Smithton. The next day we rode back to Burnie and headed inland to Queenstown. Taking the Murchison Hwy you'll find a good bit of road between Oonah and Parrawe, but the whole trip to Queenstown is a good ride. From Queenstown you must check out Strahan as its worth a look. Next we headed to Hobart on the Lyell Hwy, what great piece of road!! You have so many good rides to take and so much to see. Places like Port Arthur is a must and its also a good ride as well heading back up the East Coast to St Marys. As you can see from the map we tried to have a good look around the state of Tassie.

For the trip home after arriving back from Tasmania we decided to take the coast road heading out to Moe also Sale and continuing to Lakes Entrance and following the Princes Highway until Cann River. From here we took the Monaro Highway heading to Cooma and onto Canberra where we decided to spend the night. The Monaro Highway was a excellent ride, check it out. Leaving Canberra the next day we just took the Federal Highway back to the Hume Highway through Sydney and back up the Pacific Highway all the way to Brisbane. Along the way we spent one more night at Bulahdelah on the New South Wales coast.



We left Melbourne late afternoon and arrived in Devonport the next morning. After unloading we had to wait at the terminal for my brother who was joining us in a camper van on our ride around Tassie.


We headed to Smithton follow the coast and ending up in a small camping ground on the open water past Smithton. First night is Tassie and man it was cold!!


Heading across the top of Tassie using the Bass Hwy from Smithton to Sumerset. Check out some of the lookouts along the way.


Just a quick break to take in the view. Steve big Kawa 1300 and my Honda VF1000. Tassie is made for all bikes, but don't forget your wet weather gear.


Heading across the island on the Murchison Hwy and ending up at Strahan. A must do would be a cruise down the spectacular Gordon River.


This is one of many water falls running into the Gordon River. Take the time to see some of Tassie's best World Heritage Wilderness.


From Strahan we follow the Lyell Hwy. This leads to the mining town of Queenstown.


The hills around Queenstown some years ago lost all there vegetation which was caused by the mining in the area. This has since grown back.


As we where leaving Queenstown on the Lyell Hwy. Time for a quick stop at the lookout for a holiday snap.


The next night was spent at the Mt Field National Park. When the sun goes down all the friendly local come out. The wildlife that is!


The City of Hobart. This was taken just after the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race down on the waterfront in Sullivans Cove.


Stopping at one of the many lookouts along the Arthur Hwy. Heading down to Port Arthur you'll see some spectacular coast line.


Port Arthur is about 1.5 hours ride from Hobart on the Tasman Peninsula. This is a must vist and take the time to see it all.


Port Arthur Historic Site. The penal settlement for many convicts shipped from England in the 1800's.


We continued around the East Coast on the Tasman Hwy. Ended up for a night in St Helens. Next Morning rode on to St Columba Falls.


Lots of water coming over St Columba Falls as we'd had a lot of rain over the lasts couple of days. The road going into the falls was also very interesting, wet dirt road.


One of the many counry pubs across Tassie. All great places to stop for the night or just for lunch.


After riding the East coast we ended up in Launceston for our last days in Tassie. This was taken at Penny Royal world in Launceston.

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