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Buying New Dainese Leathers


For some time now I have needed to updated some of my riding gear. I have been wearing a Dainese Luca 2 piece suit for close to 20 years which has done a superb job, but time has taken its toll. After looking around all the Brands and trying on many suits, I decided that the Dainese was still  the one for me. I also wanted to get something that was better for Summer riding, as the old suit was too hot in Summer and didn't breath well. After trying many, I ended up thinking that the Dainese Avro Div 2 Piece Suit may be the one for me. The elastic inserts and stretch fabric makes for remarkable comfort and freedom of movement while  riding, especially under my knees.


Scala Rider Q2


So now that I knew what I wanted I shopped around to get the best price I could find and after speaking to most of the bike shops in NSW and also across Australia the price I ended up with was $1195.95. One place in Melbourne had a better price but after freight it ended up the same anyway.

It was time to look overseas and see what I could come up with and after checking out over the internet I found a Company in Germany that had the best price at $750.00 US and $39.00 US for freight to Sydney Australia. After converting to Australia Dollars this was a total price delivered for $755.75 AUD. This is a saving of $444.20 AUD.

Before going ahead with the purchase I thought I'd give the local bike shops one more try to see if they would offer a more competitive  price to get my business. Well most places just didn't care! One place in Sydney said that I should get it from the overseas store so that's what I ended up doing.

So,  I purchased the suit over the internet on a Thursday night for $750.00 plus $39.00 US which came to a total of $755.75 AUD. I received an email the same night to confirm my purchase and to advise that the suit would be delivered on Monday, just over 3 days away. I remember thinking at the time, we will see! Monday morning came around and about 9.30am UPS delivered my new Dainese 2 Piece Suit, unbelievable it was delivered in just over 3 days from Germany. This is the way to do it, it's called the perfect transaction. This is not the first time I have purchased things for my bike overseas and won't be the last. The local retailers and importers need to smarten up as the Australian dollar is a lot stronger now.
If you need any more info about this, send me an email and I'll be happy to help.

  Scala Rider Q2      

Scala Rider Q2


If you spend a lot of time on your bike and ride with others and want to be able to chat then take a look at one of these units. CARDO SYSTEMS INC has come up with the Scala Rider Q2 Bluetooth Headset for bikes. The unit offers the following uses, like being able to receive and make mobile phone calls hands free and can also be paired to your compatible Bluetooth GPS device for turn to turn instructions. With two units you'll be able to setup full duplex bike to bike intercom connection or rider to passenger full duplex intercom connection as well. The Scala Rider Q2 can be paired with two other Scala Rider Q2 units, like one pairing for a bike to bike intercom (Primary Buddy) and the other could be rider to passenger intercom (Secondary Buddy). You can't all talk at once but can switch from bike to bike to rider to passenger.


Scala Rider Q2


The User Guide claims up to 500m with the bike to bike intercom but I've found that if you can't see the other bike you also can't hear them. Like most Bluetooth it only works within line of sight. This means in the tight stuff the range is very limited but out on the open road it works well.

I haven't tried it with rider to passenger as the bike I own isn't setup to carry passengers, but I'm sure it works just as well. The all in unit has an adjustable microphone and two 2 speakers. Take the time when fitting to your helmet to get the best results. Use the velcro pads for fitting the speakers.


Using th Scala Rider Q2 to receive mobile phone calls is also very easy. The unit can be setup with voice connect and all you do is speak loudly to answer incoming calls. Also if you are using the intercom and you receive an incoming call on your mobile phone it will interrupt the intercom so you'll be able to take the call.

Once the call is done you can continue on the intercom. All audio sources are prioritized and the mobile phone has top priority over them all. Of all the calls that I have received on the Scala Rider Q2 not one caller has ever known that I'm doing 110kph on the Hume Hwy on my bike, so I think that's saying that it works well.

I haven't tried the unit with a GPS as I don't use one on the bike, but I have tried the FM Radio and it's not for me. If I wanted a radio on my bike I'd buy a tourer, but that's just me. The Scala Rider Q2 comes with a clamp that slips between the outer and inner liners of your helmet. The Scala Rider Q2 comes with a rechargeable battery and a wall charger.


Scala Rider Q2


The battery life seems to be able to make it though an all day ride using the intercom and taking calls, not bad. This is the unit that I'm using at the moment and it seems to work very well. If you are looking for something like this you can expect to pay about $200 to $300 for the Scala Rider Q2. CARDO SYSTEMS INC has also just launched a new model the Scalarider G4. To find out more check Cardo Systems web site:


BlueAnt InterPhone

BlueAnt also has a system on the market that you can take a look at as well. This unit also offers the following uses, like being able to make and receive mobile phone calls hands free. With two units you'll be able to setup full duplex bike to bike intercom connection or rider to passenger full duplex intercom connection similar to the Scala Rider Q2. The BlueAnt InterPhone can only be paired to one other unit at one time so you can only have communication with one other person. You can also pair the InterPhone with compatible Bluetooth GPS devices.


BlueAnt InterPhone


The ranges for bike to bike intercom as quoted by BlueAnt is about 150m but I found that Bluetooth only works well when one unit is in line of sight of the other, the more open the road the better it works.

BlueAnt also quoted up to 10 hours talk time but I found that when using in intercom mode that I was only getting about 3 to 4 hours from the InterPhone unit. I don't know if this is talk time when using the InterPhone to make and receive calls from your mobile but a bit longer battery life would be better for use in intercom mode.

I do think that the BlueAnt Interphone unit is probably better made than the Scala unit as it seems to be a well sealed unit and I believe it would handle any type of weather including heavy rain. To pair one InterPhone unit to a second InterPhone seems to be a bit of a process but if you follow the user manual it will pair up and work, but they should have made it a bit easier?


The one thing that the InterPhone can't do is if you receive an incoming call on your mobile it won't override the intercom if it's being used. The only way to know of the incoming call is if you feel the mobile phone vibrate in your pocket and then change from intercom to phone mode to take the call.

The ear speaker and microphone is an all in one unit which makes it a lot easier to mount in your helmet. The BlueAnt InterPhone also comes with a clamp that slips between the outer and inner liners of your helmet. The lead from the speaker and microphone unit just plugs into the InterPhone that mounts to the clamp on the outside of your helmet. The BlueAnt InterPhone comes with a rechargeable battery and a wall charger and everything needed to set it up to your helmet. If this is the unit for you, expect to pay about $180 to $260 for The BlueAnt InterPhone Kit.

For more information check out BlueAnt web site:

  BlueAnt InterPhone      

Iridium Satellite Phone

If your heading out and want to have a mobile that has 100% coverage of the World this is the one you need. The Iridium Satellite Phones will give you that, it's simple, if you can see the sky it will work. All satellite devices need to have a clear line of sight of the sky to work. This means that you can't use the Iridium Satellite phone indoors to make or receive calls. This mobile phone will also send and receive SMS as well. Just remember that Iridium is the over satellite phone that has 100% coverage of the World.


Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone


The Iridium Satellite phone has the 9500, 9505, 9505A, 9555 and the all new 9575 models. The one shown is the Iridium 9575 Extreme and this would be one of the toughest satellite phone you can buy. The first model that Iridium released was the 9500 which is bit bigger than the 9505 and 9505A model.

As Australia is such a big country and if you're planning to see most of it you will find that your normal mobile just won't cut it. In a lot of the remote parts of this country if you get into trouble this Satellite phone will go a long way in helping you. One thing that helps make a great trip is good planning!!

If you think that one off these Iridium Satellite phone may be needed for your trip you can buy a new 9575 for about $1,750.00 or the 9555 for about $1,450.00. You can also rent the Satellite phone if your only doing a trip now and then.

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