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This is a selection of trips around this great country called Australia. As you'll see this all started in 1978 and continues up until the present day, but as we get older I think it's harder to find the time to get away on the bike. Hopefully you will find some information and ideas and places to visit, because this country of ours has such a large variety of spectacular destinations to be enjoyed. I must apologise for the quality of some of the older photos as age has not been kind to them, but thankfully I now have an extremely good digital camera.

This is only a selection of some of the destinations that we have tackled but hopefully I will be adding new adventures in the future. I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences touring around this great country too, so drop us a line!




This was my first trip big trip on an motorcycle. Headed to Queensland from Cohuna, Victoria. It was 6.00am Boxing day 1978.



All the boys from Cohuna in Victoria headed off to Bathurst for the bike races at Mt Panorama in New South Wales on the Easter Weekend 1980.


Great Ocean Road

One of the most scenic roads in Australia. It would also be among one of the top rides in Australia as well. Great Ocean Road, Victoria 1982


Northern Territory

What was supposed to be 12 weeks ended up being closer to 2 years. Plenty of time to have a good look around the Northern Territory.




Tassie has a lot to offer, especially if you ride a bike. It was Christmas and New Year of 1986-87. if you ride a bike you must check out Tasmania.


Oxley Hwy 2001

The boys rode up to Brisbane from Sydney for a ride. So where will we go? How about we go back to Sydney via the Oxley Hwy.


Easter 2008

It was Easter 2008 and I was heading down to country Victoria to see family. The big BMW was owned by a friend who said take it for a run.


Oxley Hwy 2008

Living in Sydney now, a few friends and I thought the Oxley looks good for a ride. So we made a weekend out of it.

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